Aromatherapy Pendants

aromatherapy pendants

Aromatherapy pendants can be purchased with an adjustable leather strap to be worn around the neck ($25 for an Image of God necklace that comes with a card and cloth bag and $20 for all other necklaces). Just add a drop of essential oil to any porous, non-glazed spot on the pendant.

Some pendants have a shiny glaze surface on the front, in which case the oil would not be absorbed and would need to be dropped on the unglazed back of the pendant and allowed to absorb into the clay before wearing. You may also choose a pendant that is stained on the front, rather than glazed, in which case the oil can be dropped on either side. But in both cases, be sure to allow 1-2 minutes for the oil to absorb so that it stays in your pendant for you to enjoy throughout the day. (My favorite oil is Stress Away by Young Living but any essential oil can be used and switched out every day or two, though I would recommend waiting a few days between switching oils, due to the lingering fragrances of the previous oil used.) If you would like more information about purchasing and using essential oils, just send me a message through the sidebar and I’ll be glad to answer any questions! I’ll be adding more pendant styles over the next few weeks so be sure to check with me about the current selection!

~ by Gblack on February 15, 2016.